Hangil Medical Foundation 한길안과병원

Estimated : 1998
Doctor & Staff : 0
Beds : 50
Available Language :      
Address : 35, Bupyeong-daero, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Hospital Description

Han Gil Eye Hospital passed strict examination standards of Ministry of Health and Welfare and simultaneously achieved ‘Certified medical institution’ and ‘Designated as Eye specialized hospital’.
‘Specialized hospital’ is a hospital to perform difficult level medical treatment for specific treatment subject and diseases which was specially designated by Minister of Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Han Gil Eye Hospital was selected as 2nd specialized hospital in 2015 continuing from 2011, and it is evaluated as a hospital owning Korea’s best level competitiveness in ophthalmology and leading advanced medical technology.
Among eye hospitals in Incheon, only Han Gil Eye Hospital is designated as specialized hospital.


■ Specialized medical care for foreign patients
○ Retinal surgery
○ Cataract surgery
○ Vision correction (LASIK, LASEK, presbyopia correction)

Other Services

■ Meals
European food

■ Issuance of documents in various languages
Get a copy of documents in your native language (free of charge)

■ Other
1: 1 Multilingual Coordinator, foreign patient rooms, laptop rental service, Incheon sightseeing and lodging arrangement


• Ministry of Health and Welfare certified medical institutions (2015.6 ~ 2019.6)
• Ministry of Health and Welfare Designated Ophthalmology Clinic (2015 ~ 2017)

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