General Hospital

Konkuk University Medical Center 건국대학교병원

Estimated : 2005
Doctor & Staff : 452
Beds : 860
Available Language :      
Address : 120-1, Neundong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul , Republic of Korea

Hospital Description

Konkuk University Hospital was newly opened in 2005 and equipped with advanced facilities and equipment. We continue to recruit highly qualified doctors so that enhance quality of treatment to on top. In addition, continue to bring along high quality of diagnostic and treatment equipment to provide high quality of medical services with accurate diagnosis.

In 2010, the center opened a health care center, and consulted with a professional coordinator to design a personalized health program, and the specialists in each field conducted the tests and conducted readings to improve the patient's reliability in the hospital. In addition, the high-risk group early warning system enables quick connection with the name, making it easy for foreign patients with limited time.

In order to enhance the satisfaction of foreign patients, we operate an international medical center, and nurses and coordinators who are fluent in English, Chinese, and Russian are always ready for offering care services.

In addition, we apply fast-tracking for foreign patients so that they can schedule all medical treatments, examinations, and consultations during their stay. It is the best hospital in Seoul with public transport access and is ideally located for medical tourism. The hotel called "The Classic 500" is Residence Hotel which is connected to Konkuk University Hospital within a 5-minute walk, making it easier for families with patients to stay. This is possible. Within a 10-minute walk you will find a shopping mall such as Star City, a movie theater, parks, university campuses, and youth streets, perfect for relaxation, shopping and cultural life.


■ Various procedures for foreign patients
○ Check- up
○ Thyroid cancer, Breast Cancer, Gynecologic cancer, Colorectal cancer etc all the cancer treatment.
○ Knee and foot •ankle disease treatment

Other Services

■ Global insurance company payment guarantee service
Cigna Global Health Benefits, Internatinal SOS, HTH World Wide, Blue Cross Blue Shields

■ meal
western style cuisine


• Ministry of Health and Welfare certified medical institution (Feb. 2015 ~ Feb. 2019)
• World Endoscopy Association (WEO) Certification (2014)
• World Health Organization (WHO) Health Promotion Hospital Certification (2011)

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